Have you every wondered where the expression "lobster yacht" originated. Well, the lobster fisherman, on his day off, would take his family out for a picnic, on his lobster boat. This transformation to a yacht application was from where it all started. Today lobster yachts are far removed from the original and practical, however the name lobster yachts still has a ring to it. Here is an example of real lobster boats and real lobster yachts, in its truest meaning.

A retired fisherman, after years of spending a life time of hauling, had himself built a boat to suite his retirement. A lobster fishing boat, with an extended cabin and flybridge.

To give you an understanding of todays lobster fishing boats, chugging out for a day of fishing has been replaced with go fast boats. Here are a couple of typical boats flexing their horsepower. Speed of 20 knots has become quite accepatble for todays commercial fishing boats, some even boast speed over 30 knots.

A lobster yacht, a simple and pratical boat, is available and here is an example of what we can build for you. An extended wheelhouse design, provides a cabin space for living and dining, a forward cabin with bunks, head and closet and a large aft open deck, for chairs, barbecue or even a patio set or picnic table.

If a traditional "lobster yacht" is your choice for a boat, give us a call and we can discuss options and specification for you to consider.

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