Some good old commercial boats can still have a long life after retirement, especially the ones that carried passengers such as tour and charter service. These boats are built to stronger scantlings, are tougher, safer and unlike pleasure vessels, are subjected to mandatory and perodic inspection.

When seasoned boaters look for a boat, they determine their needs/wants and look for specific features in their next boat. Most times they pick a character boat to get what they want. Such as the case in this example. Here is the boat on the day of purchase.

If you can curb your expectations, conversions can be an economical solution to getting a good boat. In this case the owner decided to a mid-life re-fit/conversion. So the interior was gutted, the boat was sand blasted inside and out, painted with an industrial primer, foam insulated and finish painted. This boat will now last another lifetime.

In a conversion, you have to work with what you get. Bulkheads and structural walls pretty well stay where they are, however everything else is fitted in and around to accommadate the space. With a keen eye and imagination, the interior is pleasantly completed and finished in a style that is character to the boat.

All the windows were replaced, the boat was re-wired (notice the convenient location of the new panel), interior finish in a light wood with a traditional spoke wheel to complete the compliment.

The wheelhouse has this cosy wrap around seating, providing a comfortable place for your guests. Great for looking out, keeping the captain company, anchor watch or just plain lazing about.

The galley is just about perfect, the nook provides a certain privacy and is handily convenient for dishing out the meals. Complete with propane stove and oven, Corian style counter, dish nook, cupboards and drawers.

The dining table is styled around the modified U-shaped settee. The windows are small, typical for ocean cruisers (smaller windows are stronger). Opposite the dinig table is a storage counter with a built in top loading fridge/freezer.

Attesting to the Ocean capability of this boat, these steel doors can take a solid blow. Storage lockers on each side of the doorway store propane tanks and shore power connections and cables.

The side decks are wide with bulkwarks and handrail all around the boat. This makes your walk around the boat safe and comfortable even in rough weather conditions. Side gates on each side provide an easy "step down" to get on the dock.

Designed specifically for lounging on the hook, the awning completely covers the back deck. This protection allows you to keep the doors open when it is raining or to sit in the shade during the heat of the day. The tailgate is a drop down design and converts into a swim platform. Solid davits with cable winches manage the stoarge of the dingy easily and safely.

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