There is only one purpose for this boat, GO FAST.

The 42 Robertson was designed primarily as a fast sport crusier. Today it is available as a custom design and build boat. It can be a sport crusier, a fast trawler or just about anything you want, as long as you want it to go fast. Anything less would be a waste of design.

To optomize on the design requires a complete commitment to weight, or lack of. As weight is the evil of speed, all structural construction requires the detailled engineering of light weight composite core vacum resin infused technology. Not just in the hull, deck and superstructure, but interior bulkhead, floors, walls and furniture.

An example is this lobster boat with twin diesel jet drives. Built for a purpose, if you can believe lobster fishing, however in the annual Maine lobster boat races, it did quit well.

We can build you a 42 Robertson, only if you are serious with speed. It is available in a custom design and build, with jet, arneson or pod drives and an interior to suite your crusiig needs.

If you think this is the boat you want, give us a call and we can start talking.

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